skoah.® is a personal skin care company based in Vancouver, Canada. We create skin care products that do what they say they will do. We create skin care training programs that not only fit your skin, but fit into your life-no matter how busy you are. Personal training for your skin® is what we do.

The skoah kulture is contagious. It is built through the core principles of creativity, passion, authenticity and achievement. Every conversation at skoah is a new experience. Every day is another opportunity to stand out, do greater things than you thought you could do, change direction when things get easy and ultimately create long lasting memories with your krew.

Our krew are highly trained. While we are on the lookout for estheticians (Skin Care Trainers) we are also looking for great retail associates (Skin Care Coaches) and managers.

Skin Care Trainer is skoah-speak for esthetician. Our Skin Care Trainers provide our customers with high performance skin care products and attentive skin care workouts, generating lasting results and building long-term customer relationships.

Skin Care Coach is skoah-speak for retail associate. Our Skin Care Coaches, coach our guests into a personalized skin care training program and support our Skin Care Trainers (estheticians) throughout the day.




Calgary, AB

South Surrey, BC

Vancouver, BC

West Vancouver, BC

White Rock, BC

  • Yisel Welch, Seattle

    Skin Care Trainer

    “ I love what I do because… I’m changing lives one face at a time. ”

  • Natasha Aleck, Vancouver

    Skin Care Trainer

    “ I had my heart set on working at skoah, and skoah only. I was lucky enough to be brought into the krew while still finishing school for aesthetics. ”

  • Charlotte Jomphe, Calgary

    Skin Care Trainer

    “ I love what I do because I get to work with amazing people everyday. ”